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Yasu, Accepted LBS Sloan Masters 2023.

Yasu, Accepted London Business School Sloan Masters 2023.
Nish is a great motivator and gave me confidence throughout the tough process of MBA/MSc application. Especially in the Mock Interview right before the actual interview, he said, "It is very important to have confidence in the actual interview, so I didn't point out minor mistakes in today's practice." I was really impressed that he always cared about the mental aspect of me and helped me to perform at my best.
Nish gave me advice on strategies for my resume, essays and recommendation letter. Especially with the essays, he helped me develop a storyline that fit the features of the school and program. Simply, I also think one of his strengths is that he has a massive amount of information on many schools.
I also worked on 20 Interview prep sessions with him. He remembered my resumes and essay stories and gave me practical advice like "You should use this story for this question." He also gave me tips on how to prepare for a video assessment, which many schools have introduced in recent years.
I strongly recommend him not only for interview preps but also as an advisor for resume and essay.

Moto, Accepted Haas, Kellogg MBA 2020.

I had interview training with 5 consultants, and I believe Nish is the best for Japanese. Thanks to him, I got accepted to several top schools including M7 school

Nish is effective from the brainstorming stage because he strongly supports the student. His praise is sincere, not flattery, and kept me motivated.

He created scripts from my answers and they became my mental supports. He also remembered all my answers, so when I got stuck, he would say "Why don't you use ...". Furthermore, he reviewed my emails to admissions, even when he was on holidays!!

Nish can be a core of your interview training from beginning to end. I strongly recommend him as a leading trainer.

Rintaro, Accepted Booth, Ross MBA 2020.

In my opinion, interview is the most important and exciting process in the application and Nish is the best partner for it. I had so many interview sessions with him, and I improved my skills dramatically and I aced top school's interviews.

He has a lot of clients every year, so he understands how to construct stories, each school's characteristics, and success/failure experiences of his past clients. I was also surprised that he knew the finance industry well and gave me concrete advice about how to express my experiences.

Finally, he is a really nice guy. When I was rejected by a school and felt disappointed, he encouraged me to look forward. When I felt nervous before an interview, his kind words helped me relax. Without his support. I couldn't have gone over the tough interview process.

I really appreciate his lessons and recommend you to work with him!

Kotaro, LBS, IESE MBA 2022.

I worked with Nish with my interview preparation and got admitted to my top choice, London Business School (LBS). I have taken his interview preparations about 18 times and I strongly recommend him to all MBA applicants. There are three points you will get from him in terms of interview preparation:
1. Interview preparation based on the recent interview information. Nish has a lot of past examples because he has many clients.
2. Clear feedback. Nish always recorded my answers and gave me feedback and suggested improvements. 
3. Positive attitude. MBA interview preparations are daunting tasks. Nish's positive comments and attitude even when I felt that an interview did not go well was extremely helpful for me to continue to work hard for interview preparations.

Asako, Accepted to Esade MBA 2020.

He is a reliable adviser for MBA applicants. I took TOEFL speaking and writing lessons from him and increased the score by 5 each. He also reviewed my application essays and gave me advice in terms of grammar and consistency between essays.

He always replied in a timely manner, though it was in a busy season for MBA applicants and advisers. I appreciate that he improved the quality of my  He is a good man with a lot of knowledge in MBA application process.

He will support you in a challenging situation.

Yuji, London School of Economics, LLM


When I took my first IELTS, I scored 6.5 (overall) because of my poor English speaking skill (only 5.5).

Then, I took a lot of speaking practice exams with him and got a lot of feedback. His advice was clear and I became accustomed to make my own sentence instantly.

As a result, I got 7.0 in speaking and scored my target IELTS overall score 7.5.

Also, I asked him for advice for my application process of LLM in the UK.

He corrected my application documents grammatically, and also gave me feedback to make my documents more persuasive and appealing based on the facts.

He is not only one of the best English teachers in Japan but also one of the best advisers for overseas study application!

Masaomi, Foster School of Business, Executive MBA 2017.

Thanks to him, I was able to raise the TOEFL score from 38 to over 80 points in about half a year. Practical exercises in speaking and

his writing method were excellent. 

Also, in addition to TOEFL, he instructed the application and the interview measures. 

I strongly recommend him to all TOEFL candidates as a native specialist of TOEFL comprehensive measures.

Although my career was totally domestic in Japan before studying abroad for MBA, I am currently working at diversified workplace in Dubai.

If I had not met him, I might not have had a chance of experiencing a global business.

Toshi, Accepted Duke, Kellogg, Ross 2020.

I had numerous practice sessions with Nish for TOEFL and my MBA interviews. I did not have international experience and I was really nervous about my MBA applications, however, Nish helped me to increase my TOEFL Speaking Score from 18 to 24 and helped me to go to my dream school.

What I really like about Nish is his professionalism and supportiveness. Nish remembered all the stories I practiced with him. Whenever I was lost for words, he said “Hey, you should use ○○ story, I think this is a good fit to this question”. This really helped. Also, Nish’s supportiveness really helped me to conquer the hectic MBA application processes. In the MBA process, sometimes I lost confidence. But Nish always cheered me up and gave me confidence. I appreciate Nish’s support throughout the year and I really recommend you to take Nish’s lessons.

Tasuku, MIT Sloan Fellows MBA 2020.

First of all, I really enjoyed spending time with Nish for several months. He is very supportive and generous.

Studying something difficult, such as TOEFL and EA, sometimes brings about hard times.

But, this time, I enjoyed all the processes for preparing applications and interview practices with Nish!

After successfully enrolling into MIT Sloan Fellows MBA Program, I can tell you that two things are most important for your success.

First, you must understand yourself, second you show clearly who you are at the interview.

To achieve your goal, I am 100% sure that Nish is the best partner. He is not just an English teacher, but a partner who understands me very well. His commitment to understand his students is exceptionally strong

Without his support, I could not enter MIT Sloan Fellows. I highly recommend you to start your preparation with Nish.

Takaaki, Accepted Wharton, Booth, Kellogg, INSEAD, LBS 2023


I think Nish is the best partner for the MBA preparation process. I started working with him at the end of  August. At that time, my speaking and writing scores were terrible. But, he always encouraged me, and thanks to his support, my TOEFL score improved from around 90 to 107 within two months. Also, after submitting essays, I did interview practice with him almost every day. He taught me everything I needed to learn for getting acceptance from my dream schools.  

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