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Tad, Booth MBA 2022

I went from 26 for speaking in April to 29 in June. In July, I got 30. I worked with Nish to create answers that suit my speaking style. I listened to his model answers to enhance my intonation and pace. It wasn't easy, but he encouraged me throughout and never let me forget my goals. 

Without his support, I couldn't have got those precious 4 extra points.

NK,  LBS MBA 2025

With Nish's counseling tailored to each school, I was able to prepare for the interviews very efficiently.  I am so glad I worked with Nish and cannot imagine doing interviews without our sessions.

Yuya, LBS MBA 2025

I worked with several MBA consultants, and Nish is the best consultant among them!

I recommend him as a consultant for three reasons: his effective feedback, years of experience, and personality.
When I started my first session with him, I immediately realized how his feedback was specific and effective, and the feedback helped me to improve my interview dramatically. He not only points out the details of his concerns, but also offera specific suggestions for improvement.

Also, his advice is backed by years of experience as a consultant. He shares analyses of interviews of each school and provides the best interview preparation for each school.

Lastly, he has an excellent personality. Not only he is positive and always motivates me, but also he is professional. You can rely on him and always seek advice from him even during his busiest period.



Nish Subasinghe is not affiliated with or endorsed by ETS or Cambridge
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