Tad, Booth MBA 2022

I went from 26 for speaking in April to 29 in June. In July, I got 30. I worked with Nish to create answers that suit my speaking style. I listened to his model answers to enhance my intonation and pace. It wasn't easy, but he encouraged me throughout and never let me forget my goals. 

Without his support, I couldn't have got those precious 4 extra points.

Kotaro, LBS 2022

 I took his interview preparations  18 times and I strongly recommend him to all MBA applicants. He was a true supporter for me to get accepted to LBS.  


Toshi, Accepted Duke, Kellogg, Ross 2020.

 Nish helped me to increase my TOEFL Speaking Score from 18 to 24 and helped me to go to my dream school.

Moto, Accepted Haas, Kellogg MBA 2020.

I had interview training with 5 consultants, and I believe Nish is the best for Japanese. Thanks to him, I got accepted to several top schools.

Rintaro, Accepted Booth, Ross 2020

Interview is the most important and exciting process in the application and Nish is the best partner for it.

Hiroki, Tuck MBA 2019.

As a returnee I was confident about my speaking, but the score fluctuated. With Nish, we built a great strategy, and he even gave me perfect examples to answer the questions. Soon, I was able to get constantly 26 or above. 

Asako, Accepted to Esade MBA 2020.

I took TOEFL speaking and writing lessons from him and increased the score by 5 each. He also reviewed my application essays. He is a good man with a lot of knowledge in MBA application process.

He will support you in a challenging situation.

Yuji, London School of Economics, LLM


My first IELTS, I scored 5.5 for speaking skills

I took a lot of speaking practice with him and got a lot of feedback. As a result, I got 7.0 in speaking and scored my target IELTS overall score 7.5.


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